Huge Breath & the Horsefly

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This is possibly the best mashup I’ve ever heard. I’m looking at you, Girl Talk.

In related news, Homestarrunner is apparently back. So we can all be preteens again.

A light that runs on gravity. Developed for the third world, still useful for the first world.




This is pretty great.



This is pretty great.

I’ve been feeling this way for a bit. Anyone else?

Ai Weiwei - one of the more important artists today, I think. He’s really putting himself out there, trying to make a difference.

Can I watch this forever and ever?

Now we’re all so dependent on school and certificates, even vocational school, which causes us to skip the thinking process, as if stuff we learn at school represents the whole of human knowledge and all we need to do is memorize it. If it didn’t come up in your Vidal Sassoon class, it can’t exist. Even though it seems to exist right in front of you, you know it can’t, or Vidal would’ve mentioned it.

From an article that doesn’t really have to do with this, but with feminism and the Bechdel test, but still, I think this is an incredibly true statement. And it trickles down to things like social justice and humanism.

Let’s bring ghost riding back! It’s so far off the radar, grandparents are doing it - which means it’s about time for it to be cool again. Right?


So this guy collected space pics, stitched them together, and gave them away. Thanks guy.

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These jokes are making me thirsty!


But what’s really happening when I scoff at Sarah Palin’s latest tweet amounts to a mimetic indulgence: I’m bleeding the world of nuance, surrendering to the seduction of binary thinking.


Dec. 21, 1933: From the Mid-Week Pictorial. Americans visiting Paris celebrated the end of Prohibition in the United States in a “real two-fisted manner,” its original caption stated. Photo: The New York Times

Yet another proof that guys in the thirties knew how to party.

Okay, okay. I’ve joined the rest of the world or something. For some reason it made me think of (Mr. Holland’s Opus)[] at first, which I realized is a really bad piece after watching it (seriously, it’s not that hard to see why it was never performed).

So this is better than that. Much better. Incredibly.

For me, the takeaway here is that the next time you find yourself stocking up on beer, remember, it’s not just for the long weekend," he says. "It might be for the end of days.

Do I like this song? I’m not sure. But I can’t stop thinking about it.